Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Baaaaccccckkkkk!

How does anyone find time to maintain a blog?  Seriously???  I don't even want to bother looking to see when the last post was, or what it was even about...but I will...

So it was just over a month ago...and about the some of the comments that people make about how I've changed myself.  Whatev.

So the latest and greatest with me?  um...hmm...lemme think...

I just don't have time for anything new!  Same job, same husband, same child (who just turned 2, by the way...yay Stella!), same house, etc.  One new thing to report though...I somehow got talked into a half marathon. read that right, I swear I was peer-pressured into it!

This is what I'm doing (just click that little linky over there).  I may have finally gone off the deep end!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

If I had gained this much weight in the same amount of time...

Would people still feel free to offer their opinions, advice, etc.?  Of course not!  (Unless I was pregnant, in which case everyone except those that had recently 'been there done that' would comment.)

Anyway, I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday.  Or maybe it was Thursday.  But here it is:

I came across it on Instagram, and I thought it summed up my feelings pretty well (recall my "If you don't have anything nice to say blog") so I decided to post it on my facebook.  Most of the comments were positive.  However, one person thought it was time to tell me her thoughts on my change.  Now mind you, I haven't seen her since before I was even pregnant with Stella, she's only seen random pictures of me on facebook.  But the conclusion I reached from her comments is that I look sickly, I must have an eating disorder, I am being unhealthy, etc.  And, quite honestly, it pissed me off.  More so than some of the comments I had to endure from my family a few months ago.

For the record, I am not starving myself.  I am not 'over exercising' (most days I get my workout in over my lunch break...meaning less than an hour), I have learned to maximize what little time I do have in the gym.  For the most part, I avoid fast food and when I do have it, I am smart about my choices.  I now cook most of my meals (not frozen meals, etc.).  I rarely drink these days (maybe a quarterly 'binge' here and there).  I don't smoke anymore.  I do still enjoy chocolate on a regular basis.  I haven't been able to give up my diet dew.  I really don't even bother counting calories anymore.  I do enjoy the occasional cheat meal (the burger I had on my birthday was beyond fab....including the soft pretzel bun).  I am really starting to enjoy running.  I love yoga.  I love to sweat.  I love to be active.  Exercise IS my stress relief.

Does any of the above point to a problem?

And now, a pet peeve of mine:  I always post a 'check-in' from the gym.  It is habit.  If nothing else, keeps me accountable...and quite honestly, I have had several people tell me that I inspire them.  Back to the point, I see several people making comments lately, negative comments, about gym check-ins.  Here's the deal:  This is what I do, this is what I enjoy.  I am so overly annoyed by the many passive aggressive status updates, but I don't say anything.  The regular bar check-ins/pictures make me feel like some people haven't yet reached adulthood.  And I seem to be one of the few not blowing up everyone's feed with their anti-gun control sentiments.  I mean seriously, I could be constantly posting all the ongoing drama in my family (not my nuclear family but the extended)...I have so much drama and stress going on there, but this isn't public knowledge and public facebook material.  My job is extremely busy...but I don't need to be doing constant updates about work (just checking in from the gym there on a regular basis).  People just need to be thankful I've cut back on the overs-harenting!

And with rant is over.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

40 is closing in too fast...

I want to be okay with it...I really do.  I've been dreading it for so long, but I am trying trying to take a more positive outlook on it.  I figured I had such a hard time with 30, that 40 will be a bitch...but does it really need to be?

And...I started this post nearly a month ago...I am now two days out!  I should be on a cruise right now...but alas, I have a family that primarily sucks, it got canceled, so now spending it home with the only family that truly matters to me anymore:  my husband and my child.  And, unfortunately, tomorrow will be spent with a recovering little one as she is scheduled for round two of tubes in the a.m.

When I originally started this post, it was with the intention of comparing turning 30 with turning 40.  As I mentioned, I had such a hard time with turning 30, I have been dreading turning 40...but you know what?  I think I'm finally okay with it.  I am not the same person nor am I in the same place as I was 10 years ago.  Then, I was reluctantly living back with my parents, not done with any college degrees, enjoying the alcohol a little too much, living the single girl life, etc.  And broke.  Still broke, but hey...maybe it's because since then I got both my associates and bachelors degrees, moved out the 'rents' house for the last time, met and married my husband, finally got a decent job, had a beautiful baby girl, and finally got my ass into shape ever!

So there...that was what I wanted to say with this post...and I did.  Maybe later, I'll do some picture updates of what's been going on these past few weeks ( there really....more working out, running, etc.).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gotta keep on running...

Okay...seriously...this is slowly becoming my new 'thing'...running.  Would never have thought that would have happened, but I was searching for something different finally decided to try...and it has started to snow ball from there!  I am now running for about 3.5 miles at a time when on the treadmill.  Finally went for my first outside - with the husband even - run last week at the park...not a great distance...but it was cold and my ears felt like they were going to fall off!  I even participated in my first organized race was only two miles, but I did it!  And in a much quicker time than I thought I would (under 20 minutes)!  And I loved it!  I loved the sense of accomplishment, of achievement  had when I finished!  Even better?   I finished third in my division (now granted, since I will be...gasp!...40 in just a few short weeks, this will likely be the only time in that division)!  My husband finished first in his!

And with this, actually before this, I am considering following in the husband's footsteps and while not full blown triathlon....maybe take a shot at some duathlons.  Maybe.  Very likely, actually.  I'm ready to start signing up for some actual 5ks.  Maybe even a half marathon by next year.  I even went to a 'Good Form Running' clinic tonight.  I tell ya...I am on a roll!

Monday, March 18, 2013

getting a little too old for days like yesterday...

It was St. Patrick's Day, yes...but I wasn't out celebrating that, at least not intentionally...nope, out celebrating the 40th birthday of one of my best friends.  She's the first of us to turn 40.  Now granted her birthday was two weeks ago, but yesterday was as good of time as any.  My turn is next...just one month and one week away now.  And then the last of us will be 40 end of July.  This is us early in the day:
There are, thankfully, at least not that i am aware of, no pictures from towards the end of the day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Start 'em young...

And just one more post for the night...I will leave you with this:

This was from a few weeks ago (it has been in 'draft' mode), but this is Stella making use of some of Mommy's exercise tools.

To make up for the bad day...a skimble workout review

I am the buttless wonder.  Seriously.  Baby got no back here. So I have at least one day a week that I focus very specifically on that specific area in the gym as well as added squats here and there with other workouts throughout the week.  As I've mentioned previously, I have found the Workout Trainer by Skimble to be quite helpful.  My current favorite is the Brazilian Butt Workout. Love it!  Now granted...I have added some modifications such as:

  • Squats with a bar in place of circling donkey kicks (eventually I will add weights to this)
  • Stationary front to back lunges in place of split squat hops
  • Side squats have become more of a hybrid of the side squats and split squat hops using a BOSU ball
  • Hip lifts I add either a 20 lbs. kettle bell or dumbbell
  • Lunge kicks I have replaced with dead lifts, currently with 40 lbs.
By the end of that 30 minutes, I'm definitely feeling like I've accomplished minimum I have worked up a small sweat.  I have learned, however, that this is not a workout to be done immediately after a 30 minute jaunt on the treadmill.  I tried that once and had a serious case of shaky legs and it was all I could do to finish.